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County Pond/Brunswick Lake

Important Notices

COVID-19 & the VBWT: Be Safe While OutdoorsDWR encourages you to be safe while outdoors. Before heading out, first check with individual sites on the Virginia Bird & Wildlife Trail for any COVID-19 policies or closures. This information is typically posted on a site's own website. Remember to maintain CDC social distancing guidelines while enjoying the outdoors.


County Pond, also known as Brunswick Lake, is a 157-acre impoundment that offers a large expanse of open water to explore for wildlife. Scan the numerous trees along the banks for perched belted kingfishers or listen for their far-carrying rattle as they fly back and forth across the water. During winter and migration, a variety of waterfowl drop in to feed and rest in these waters. Look for blue-winged teal and wood ducks in the shallows, and perhaps lesser scaups or other diving ducks in deeper water. The woods along the bank are filled with woodland species, such as tufted titmice and blue jays while the American goldfinch’s tinkling call can often be heard as they fly overhead.

Check amongst the thick growth of jewelweed for butterflies such as the silver-spotted skipper and the intricately patterned pearl crescent. The area is also great for dragonflies, with dozens of tiny eastern amberwings hovering close to shore, and stately slaty skimmers cruising the banks, joined by eastern pondhawks and blue dashers which occur in great numbers.

Note: To access the site, a Restore the Wild Membership, Virginia hunting license, freshwater fishing license, boat registration, or an access permit is required.


Location: SR 638/County Pond Rd, Freeman, VA 23856

From I-85, take exit 34 for County Rd 630 toward Warfield and turn right (southeast) onto Sturgeon Rd. In 5.1 miles, turn left (east) onto Liberty Rd and continue onto Reedy Creek Rd in 2.1 miles. After 0.9 miles, turn right onto Rt. 638/County Pond Rd. In 2 miles, just past the bridge, turn left to find the parking lot and boat ramp.

From the previous site on the Christanna Loop of the VBWT:

From Fort Christanna Historical Site return to SR 46/Hicks Street and turn left (north). Follow SR 46 for 2.2 miles and turn right onto US 58 . Follow for 5.6 miles and turn left onto SR 638/County Pond Road. Turn right and continue for 2.3 miles to find the boat ramp and parking to the right.

To return to a major highway, retrace your steps to US 58. From here you can travel west to the Staunton River and Dan River Loops.

Location & Directions

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Site Information

  • Site Contact: DGIF Office: (434) 392-9645
  • Website
  • Access: Woods: Free, day use only. Lake: Restore the Wild Membership, hunting license, freshwater fishing license, boat registration, or an access permit is required.

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