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Dabney’s Mill Landing, King William County

Important Notices

COVID-19 & the VBWT: Be Safe While OutdoorsDWR encourages you to be safe while outdoors. Before heading out, first check with individual sites on the Virginia Bird & Wildlife Trail to find out whether they are still open to the public. Information regarding closures is typically posted on a site's own website. Be advised that some sites, even if still open, may have certain public facilities closed during this time. If a site is still open, maintain CDC social distancing guidelines while enjoying the outdoors.


This site features an informal boat landing, from which visitors can launch canoes or kayaks onto the Pamunkey River. Secondary growth bottomland forest surrounds the parking area and Judy Swamp Creek. The forest is home to breeding woodland and bottomland inhabitants, such as prothonotary warblers and wood thrushes. Butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies can be spotted near the creek. Visitors can expect good bird diversity here during spring and fall migration.


Physical Location: Landing Rd, Manquin, VA 23106

From the Previous Site on the Mattaponi Loop of the VBWT:

From Zoar State Forest, return to US 360. Turn right and travel 7.0 miles to Dabney’s Mill Road/Rt. 604. Go right (west) and follow it for 4.3 miles. Turn left on Landing Road/ Rt. 602 and proceed to the road’s end. To return to the interstate, return to US 360 via Rt. 604 and turn right (south) onto US 360. Follow US 360 for approximately 11.0 miles to I-295.

Location & Directions

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Site Information

  • Site Contact: (804) 769-4985; jtopham@kingwilliamcounty.us
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  • Access: Free, Daily

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