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Fort Christanna Historical Site

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Fort Christanna was at one time the westernmost frontier of European influence in the Virginia Colony. Found by Governor Spotswood in 1714, Fort Christanna offered protection for white settlers and friendly tribes. In addition the fort was meant to be a center of trade and to offer education to the resident native peoples. The site consists of 26 acres that encompass the site of the fort and runs to the scenic Meherrin River. The original outline of the fort has been cleared and marked and can be walked by visitors.

The upper portion of the site consists largely of loblolly pine with some hardwoods. Carolina chickadee and white-breasted nuthatch can be heard calling. Keep a sharp eye out for reptiles and amphibians as you explore the site, with northern fence lizard, and Fowler’s toad to be seen along the trail. Six-lined racerunner can also be seen dashing for cover.

The trail descends through mixed hardwood forest as it approaches the Meherrin River. Typical songbirds such as red-eyed vireo and Acadian flycatchers can be seen and heard in these woods and signs of wild turkey can be found. Be sure to search along the banks of the river for dragonflies, butterflies, and frogs as well as tracks of raccoons and other visitors to the water’s edge.

Brunswick County will continue to develop both he historic/cultural and natural history aspects of this site.


From County Park at Great Creek return to SR 46/Christanna Highway and turn right. Follow SR 46 for 2.0 miles to Sharp Street and turn right and follow Sharp Street for 0.1 miles to New Street. Turn left and make your first right onto SR 46/Hicks Street (south). After 3.0 miles turn right onto Fort Hill Street and follow it for 1.1 miles. Fort Christanna Historical Site will be on your right.

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