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Historic Crab Orchard Museum


Elevation: 2381 ft.

Historic Crab Orchard Museum is the most comprehensive museum of its kind in the region, attracting local and foreign visitors by the thousands each year. Located on a previously held Native American settlement, the museum documents the area’s development since that time, explaining its prehistory with archeological displays and models. From Native American life and the arrival and settlement of pioneers to changes brought about by the Civil War and the display of artifacts from the area, the Museum staff conducts tours of 14 original buildings dating back to 1800 that are located on part of 110 acres designated as a prehistoric archeological site. Known for its wide range of species of flora and fauna because of its unique topography, climate and seasonal changes, bird life varies from high mountain species, woodland and swamp or water habitats to large open spaces. Look for wild turkey, common raven, several woodpecker species, tufted titmouse, Carolina chickadee, white-breasted nuthatch, northern cardinal and blue jay. In the summer watch for American robin, rose-breasted grosbeak, eastern bluebird, Carolina wren, scarlet and summer tanagers, flycatchers, red winged blackbird, and dozens of warblers. The museum offers an up close study of some common birds in preserved form in one of the galleries, including golden and bald eagles.


From Cavitt’s Creek Park, return to SR 16, turn left, and go 3.5 miles into North Tazewell. Turn right onto SR 16 and continue south 0.4 miles to US 460. Take US 460 West 3.0 miles to US 460/19 Bypass & Business Split. Turn left, then immediately right into the museum parking area.

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