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Love Ridge Mountain Lodging


Elevation: 2727 ft.

Love Ridge Mountain Lodging provides a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a secluded ridge above Love, Virginia. and it makes a good “basecamp” from which to explore nearby VBWT sites and its walking trails provide an opportunity for spotting birds and wildlife immediately adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Love Ridge has short trails that take the visitor through a patch of hardwood forest filled with birds associated with the Blue Ridge. At check-in, ask where the walking trails are to avoid accidentally wandering into an occupied campsite. The best time of year to stay is May through July when the neotropical species are most active. Black-throated green and black-and-white warblers, along with scarlet tanagers, American redstarts, ovenbirds, and Louisiana waterthrushes are some of the early arrivals at these elevations. The lucky birder might find other warblers, like Canada, Kentucky, or even cerulean, as they briefly pass through. In fall, scan the skies above the property or head to a nearby overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway because raptors pass through in the tens of thousands. Look for sharp-shinned, Cooper’s, red-tailed, and broad-winged hawks as well as the occasional peregrine falcon or bald eagle. The wildflowers in the area attract a variety of butterflies including pipevine, black and spicebush swallowtails, great spangled fritillary, red-spotted purple and eastern tailed blue. Other wildlife that could occur around the property include white-tailed deer, red fox, bobcat, and black bear, though only deer are common.


  • Love Ridge Mountain Lodging is open daily to non-guest visitors between 10am and 5pm. However, due to the intimate setting of the accommodations, which are more like a private neighborhood rather than a public park, it is recommended to enjoy the wildlife here during a stay at a cabin or campsite.


Physical Address: 45 Royal Oaks Lane, Lyndhurst, VA 22952

From Lovingston, head north on US-29/Thomas Nelson Hwy, turn left onto VA-6/River Rd, turn left onto VA-151/Rockfish Valley Hwy, turn right onto State Rte 664/Beech Grove Rd, sharp left onto the Blue Ridge Parkway, turn right onto SR-814/Love Rd, turn left onto Royal Oaks Ln and follow it to the parking area.

Location & Directions

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Site Information

  • Site Contact: (540) 943-7625,
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  • Access: Free, Check website for winter availability

Birds Recently Seen at Love Ridge Mountain Lodging (as reported to eBird)

  • Mourning Dove
  • American Robin
  • Northern Cardinal

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