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North Haven Beach


North Haven Beach faces the Chesapeake Bay and the tidal lagoon of Whites Creek. Behind it are extensive tidal marshes, woodlands, and fields. Just to the north of the parking lot, during low tide, mud and sand flats are exposed providing a resting and feeding area for gulls and terns (including least and sandwich), as well as many other species of shorebirds. Migration can produce excellent viewing opportunities for loons, thousands of which have been seen in a single day, as well as tundra swans, herons and other waterbirds. In winter, diving ducks can be seen just offshore, and snow bunting or purple sandpiper may appear on the beach. Bald eagles may be present any day of the year at this site.


From South Haven Beach, return to the intersection of Rt. 643/645. Continue straight on Rt. 643, which immediately turns right. Travel on Rt. 643 as it winds, following signs for Mathews Beach. Note: there is no turnaround here, so be prepared to back up between parked cars. The area to the south of the road abuts private property; do not walk past the signs.

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