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Prince Edward-Gallion State Forest


Prince Edward-Gallion State Forest consists of numerous forest blocks surrounding Twin Lakes State Park. It can be explored via 11.9 miles of vehicle trails and 8.4 miles of hiking trails. The areas consist of forests at many successional stages ranging from harvested land to well-developed forest. This mosaic creates habitats for numerous wildlife species. Search in the deep woods for the mighty pileated woodpecker or amongst the pines for pine warbler and brown-headed nuthatch. At the edges of the numerous clearings keep an eye out for wild turkeys and listen for the soft, husky whistle of eastern bluebirds. Be sure to keep looking up and checking the numerous turkey and black vultures for red-tailed and occasionally broad-winged or red-shouldered hawks.

During spring and autumn, numerous migrants join resident species as they pass through on their way to summering or wintering grounds. This is the most exciting time in the forest when the resident northern cardinals are joined by scarlet and summer tanagers and the fields are alive with indigo buntings and field and chipping sparrows. There is great potential for seeing numerous warblers who seem to trickle through in small family groups, mixing with the locals. Look for black-and-white and magnolia warblers and American redstarts amongst the chickadees and titmice.


  • Hunting is permitted on Prince Edward-Gallion State Forest. We advise both hunters and non-hunters on the forest during hunting seasons to wear blaze orange. Non-hunting forest users should consider visiting on Sundays during hunting seasons, especially horseback riders during deer firearms seasons. Visitors are encouraged to use their own discretion.
  • Pick up a trail map of the State Forest from the office at Twin Lakes State Park. Twin Lakes State Park, operated by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, is located within the forest and provides a good starting point for visiting the State Forest.
  • A State Forest Use Permit is required for biking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, and trapping.
  • Parking is limited.


Physical Address of Twin Lakes State Park: 788 Twin Lakes Rd., Green Bay, VA 23942

The forest is located along state route 696 and 613 (15 miles southeast of Farmville, 5 miles southeast of Burkeville). Twin Lakes State Park, located within the State Forest, provides a good starting point.

Location & Directions

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Site Information

  • Site Contact: 804-492-4121
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  • Access: Free, open daily mid-January - October; closed November - mid-January for hunting season (except on Sundays).

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