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Top Road/North Mountain


Elevation: 3139 ft.

The Top Road Scenic Route takes the wildlife watcher along the ridge of North Mountain, providing spectacular views of the Allegheny Mountains to the west and the Blue Ridge to the east. The drive’s remoteness leads to some amazing sightings of white-tailed deer and wild turkey crossing the road around almost every turn. The ridgeline leads to higher elevation habitat that holds numerous birds. Species to look for include eastern wood-pewee, white-breasted nuthatch, gray catbird, red-eyed and yellow-throated vireos, scarlet tanager, black-throated green and black-and-white warblers, American redstart and eastern towhee. Keep a careful watch on the sky for the occasional broad-winged or red-tailed hawk soaring overhead. Butterflies decorate the driving scenery with red-spotted purple, pipevine, spicebush and eastern tiger swallowtails being especially numerous.


  • Top Road is unpaved with ruts and potholes. A 4WD/AWD vehicle is highly recommended for that section of the route.


Starting Point: Intersection of SR-770/Collierstown Road/Turnpike Road and F447/Top Road (37.81971, -79.63469)

From the starting point, head northeast on F-447/Top Road, continue onto SR-780/Scenic Drive, turn left onto SR-850/SR-780/W Midland Trail, continue onto SR-850/North Mountain Drive, and follow it to the intersection of SR-850/North Mountain Drive and US-60 (37.81442, -79.67467).

Location & Directions

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Site Information

  • Site Contact: (540) 962-2214
  • Access: Free, Daily

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