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Virginia Wildlife Magazine

Virginia Wildlife is your ticket to learning more about Virginia’s spectacular wildlife, fisheries, and breathtaking habitats. Whether you hunt, fish, boat, camp, or take in the wildlife from your easy chair, Virginia Wildlife offers you stories and insight on the natural world, supplied by the state’s leading wildlife and outdoor experts.

March – April 2021 Issue

Cover: An Atlantic sturgeon breaches in the James River at Richmond. Photo by Rob Sabatini

Ghosts No More

How a coordinated approach has helped Atlantic sturgeon rebound in Virginia's rivers.

Hunting Changed Lock Dolinger's Life

Outdoor pursuits have helped this teenager adjust to rural Virginia life after adoption from China.

Nature Where You Least Expect it

In highly developed Hampton Roads, a trio of distinctive green spaces provide critical wildlife habitat, foster healthy communities, and spur neighborhood revitalization.

Wildflowers and Foxes - A Unique Connection

A photo essay about how wildflowers and foxes have a beautiful connection that not many folks know about.

Virginia's Unsung Catfishes

They might not be flashy or massive, but madtoms are essential in Virginia's waters.

10 Tactics for Quiet Toms

It helps to have a variety of strategies to try when gobblers go silent.