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Pound River

Didymo in Virginia 2008

The Pound River below Flannagan Dam in Dickenson County is the largest tail-water trout fishery in southwest Virginia. The cold-water release from the dam provides a unique habitat that is suitable for trout in this 1.6-mile stretch of the Pound River, before it empties into the Russell Fork River. The Department manages this unique resource to provide both stocked trout and special regulation trout fishing opportunities. The first 0.4 miles directly below the dam is a stocked trout area and is managed as part of the Virginia catchable trout program. This section is a category “A” stocked trout water and is stocked with legal size trout (7 inches or larger) eight times from October through May. The remaining 1.2-miles below the stocked area begins at a sign posted on the riverbank that marks the start of the special regulation section.

Maps & Directions

Directions to the Pound River below Flannagan Dam & the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Office can be found at the following web site:


The Pound River special regulation trout fishery offers an excellent opportunity for anglers to catch brown trout. Fishing the river with conventional spinning tackle can be very productive by selecting lures common to those used in fishing for smallmouth bass as long as they are single hook artificial lures. Any type of soft-plastic worm, grub, lizard, crawfish, or minnow on a single hook jig head is the key. Fly-fishing tackle is excellent and almost always produces good numbers of trout. The river has a large forage base of aquatic insects and patterns to match include everything from tiny caddis larvae to stonefly nymphs.

Biologist Reports


Stocked Trout Waters

Statewide Freshwater Fishing License required year-round
Special Trout License required October 1st through June 15th
Creel Limit – 6 trout / day
7-inch minimum size limit

Special Regulation Area

Statewide Freshwater Fishing License required year-round
Only Artificial Lures with Single Hook may be used in these waters.
Creel Limit – 2 trout/day
Minimum size – 16 inches
Fishing must cease when creel limit is obtained

Facilities, Amenities, and Nearby Attractions

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers maintains picnic, parking, and restroom facilities at the access site below Flannagan Dam.

More Information

For more information on Pound River Trout Fishery Below Flannagan Dam, please contact:

Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources
1796 Highway Sixteen
Marion, VA 23454
(276) 783-4860

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
John W. Flannagan Dam & Reservoir Office
Haysi, VA
(276) 835-9544