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2018 CWD Surveillance and Monitoring

In fall 2018, the Department worked with fifty permitted taxidermists across the state to enhance Virginia’s CWD surveillance.  Of the more than 1,600 samples submitted by participating taxidermists, CWD was only detected in one deer harvested in Culpeper County.  Department staff is very appreciative for the enthusiasm and cooperation demonstrated by taxidermists and deer hunters who aided in this sampling effort.

The Department also worked with processors in Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties.  Over 900 deer samples were obtained in these four counties as a result of their assistance.  The Department is very thankful for the continued support of local processors and hunters in this area.

The map below shows the total number of samples collected across the state in 2018.  It includes deer collected by taxidermists, processors, road-kill contractors, and Department staff.