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Hybrid Striped Bass

Hybrid Striped BassScientific Name

Morone hybrid

Other Common Names

hybrid, hybrid striper


This is a striped bass x white bass cross, with a body shape between that of striper and white bass. Silvery-white with up to 8 dark broken stripes; first stripe below lateral line complete to tail. Tongue tooth patches are intermediate between white and striped bass. Typically less than 10 lbs.

Best Fishing

Lakes: Claytor and Flannagan.

Fishing Techniques

Tackle and techniques very similar to striped bass, but often with a little lighter tackle. Shiners and a variety of spoons, crankbaits, and jigs are favorite baits.

Feeding Habits

They travel in schools, feeding heavily on young shad, but consume a variety of other prey.


Currently only stocked in Claytor and Flannagan reservoirs. Hybrids are schooling fish of open waters, similar to the parental species. They are more tolerant of warmer water than striped bass. Hybrids can often be found at the surface or in shallow to moderate water depths during the day.

Striped Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass Management Plan