Eastern Narrow-Mouthed Toad

Fact File

Scientific Name: Gastrophryne carolinensis

Classification: Amphibian

Size: Up to 1.4 inches

Distribution: This species occurs primarily in the Coastal Plain and Eastern Shore, but there are a few records in the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains and extreme southwestern Virginia. It spends a considerable amount of time in burrows and is often found under logs, rocks, and boards.

Identifying Characteristics

This is a small, dark colored and relatively smooth-skinned frog. A fold of skin extends across the head just behind the eyes. The head is small and the snout is pointed. The color varies from gray to reddish, and the back is dusky with fine bluish white spots. The belly area is dusky and bluish white, and the throat is speckled with fine dots.

Did You Know?

Rubbing or touching your eyes after handling this species may result in a mild eye irritation.

Role in the Web of Life

This species breeds from May-September in roadside ditches, flooded farm fields, interdunal swales, sinkhole ponds, pine and hardwood forests and wet grassy areas. Their advertisement call sounds like the bleating of a lamb with a vibrant quality suggestive of an electric buzzer.


Species appears to be secure in Virginia.

Last updated: March 23, 2021