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Little Grass Frog

Fact File

Scientific Name: Pseudacris ocularis

Classification: Amphibian

Conservation Status:

Size: Up to 0.75 inches

Identifying Characteristics

Coloration of this small frog is variable with base color shades of tan, brownish, greenish, pink, to reddish. There is a dark line passing through the eye and onto the side of the body. There is usually a narrow dark mid-dorsal stripe starting as a triangle between the eyes and extending to the anal region. The snout is pointed and there is typically a light line along the lower jaw. The belly and chest are usually whitish or yellowish.


This frog is found in southeastern Virginia, where it reaches the northern range limit. It inhabits moist grassy areas near ponds, bogs, pools or streams in hardwood forests, pine savannas and wooded swamps.

Did You Know?

This is the smallest species of frog in the United States.


Tier IV Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Virginia’s Wildlife Action Plan

Last updated: January 22, 2024

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