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Spring Peeper

Fact File

Scientific Name: Pseudacris crucifer

Classification: Amphibian

Size: Up to 1.25 inches

Life Span: 3-4 years

Identifying Characteristics

A small frog with a characteristic ‘X’- shaped dark mark on the back. However, some individuals may have little to no markings. The color on the back is variable through shades of gray, brown, or olive to almost black. The belly is unmarked. The snout is pointed and projects beyond the lower jaw. The skin is smooth and the toes are not webbed. Toe pads are present, but not as prominent as in other treefrogs.


This species occurs statewide in a variety of habitats including wet meadows, roadside ditches, woodland ponds, and other ephemeral wetlands. It is rarely seen except during the breeding season.

Did You Know?

Spring Peepers will often start calling again in the fall, as a result of shorter and cooler days.

Role in the Web of Life

This species breeds from February-June. There are pulses at the beginning of the call sequence and occasionally trills, the latter of which can be easily mistaken for other chorus frog species. However, the advertisement call is a distinctive high pitched peeeprepeated at intervals of about one second.


Species appears to be secure in Virginia.

Last updated: January 22, 2024

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