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Stone’s southern bog lemming

Fact File

Scientific Name: Synaptomys cooperi stonei

Classification: Mammalia, Order Rodentia, Family Cricetidae

Identifying Characteristics

The size of this species is medium with a total length from 119-135 mm and a weight of26-36 grams. The upper incisors are longitudinally grooved. The upper parts are brownish gray, the belly grayish, and the tail grayish black. The feet are brownish black and the ears are nearly concealed. It has duller coloration and is smaller than Synaptomys cooperi helaletes. This species breeds throughout the year, but there are peaks in the spring and fall with usually 3-4 litters of 1-8 young being produced per year. This species is native. This species is active all year and at all times of the day. They are gregarious and the home range is normally less than 1/2 acre. They utilize surface and subsurface tunnels as well as nests above and below the ground.


They are found in the western part of the state east to Campbell County and Arlington. At lower elevations this species is found in sphagnum bogs, moist meadows, marsh borders, and at higher elevations it prefers dry field thickets.

Last updated: August 18, 2023

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