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Nuisance Wildlife Trappers

The Department has developed a list of licensed trappers who are willing to assist landowners with certain types of wildlife nuisance problems. Trappers were surveyed and asked to indicate which species they were willing to trap and in which counties they would be willing to work. They also provided their phone number and county of residence. In most cases, trappers will charge a fee for their services.

Please note that all wildlife species are not included in this list. Since most individuals surveyed were proficient furbearer trappers, the survey was limited to asking about species commonly trapped for fur. In some cases, individuals may be willing to trap other animals not listed. Please make sure you comply with all laws and regulations related to the species you are dealing with.

To use this list, simply select the county where you are having the problem from the dropdown menu. Look through the names to see which trappers handle the species causing the problem. You may want to contact individuals who live in the same county first, since these trappers will have less distance to travel and may offer more reasonable rates. It is up to you to check their references. The Department does not attest to the character or expertise of any individual on this list.