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Find a Licensed Trapper or Wildlife Control Specialist

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has developed a new trapper finder tool to help the public locate licensed trappers and Commercial Nuisance Animal Permit (CNAP) holders who can assist with human-wildlife conflict issues. Licensed trappers are people who are authorized to capture certain game and furbearer species during open seasons, but they cannot transport live animals from your property. CNAP holders are authorized to trap most wildlife species at any time of the year and transport them offsite for humane dispatch at another location. Whether you should choose a licensed trapper or CNAP holder will depend on the species involved, time of year, and whether or not the animal can be killed on-site.

The Trapper Finder Tool will ask you to select the wildlife species causing the problem (if known) and the city or county where the problem is occurring. Next, you will be asked to provide a specific location to help locate the service providers closest to you. By default, all trappers and CNAPs within a 25-mile radius of your location will be listed. The service providers closest to you will be shown at the top of the list. You can adjust a slide bar to expand your distance search, if necessary.

The service provider’s name, business name (if applicable), city/town, telephone number, and wildlife species they are willing to trap will be listed.

If you decide to contact a service provider on this list, please note that it is up to you to check their references. DWR does not attest to the character or expertise of any individual on this list. Please make sure that you and the service provider are complying with all laws and regulations related to the species you are dealing with.

Access the Trapper Finder Tool