Marsh Cam

The Marsh Cam is a livestreaming camera located on the southern end of Hog Island Wildlife Management Area (WMA), centered between a tidal marsh and two managed impoundments. It remains in operation 24/7, every day of the year, which means that night or day no matter the season, there is always something to see!

Saw Something on Marsh Cam?

You can share your observations from the Marsh Cam here on our website. Learn how to submit your photos!

Here are others’ most recent observations:

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Marsh Cam in the Classroom

Did you know that the Marsh Cam is being used in schools across Virginia for tidal marsh education? Learn more about DWR’s suite of educational resources and how your students can control the camera for a day!

Upcoming Classroom Takeovers:

  • March 20-23, 2023: The Collegiate School- Ms. Moyer’s class
  • April 12-13, 2023: The Little Owls Homeschool group

If you want to sign your classroom up, click here to add your class to the calendar!

Changing seasons brings a host of new viewing opportunities, be it in winter when waterfowl forage by the thousands or summer when turtles bask and finfish can be seen spawning in shallow waters.

What’s on Marsh Cam This Season?

Don’t let the chilly temperatures trick you into thinking that winter isn’t a prime time for wildlife watching as there are numerous iconic species which can be seen at the WMA only during these colder months. Hog Island is a nexus for numerous species of waterfowl, which can sometimes be seen by the thousands as they forage and take refuge within the impoundment waters. Scroll through the carousel below for a preview as to what you may see on Marsh Cam in the hats, or mittens needed for winter wildlife watching here, but hot chocolate is highly recommended!

Learn More About Hog Island WMA

Named by 17th century English settlers who used the land primarily as a foraging ground for swine, Hog Island WMA not only has important ties to the founding of our nation, but its marshes and managed wetland impoundments have made this property a true mecca for fish and wildlife alike.

The Outdoors Are Better Together

Marsh Cam is made possible by generous support from our partners at the Hampton Roads Sanitation District.