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Fairy Stone


The small pinkish-brown Fairy Stones appear everywhere across Virginia in state park gift shops and in souvenir stands along the Blue Ridge, but to find them naturally, the visitor must come to Fairy Stone State Park. Here, among the mighty white pines and massive yellow poplars, just back from the shores of Philpott Lake, is where they originate. These crisscrossed staurolite crystals are found few other places on the planet and never in such abundance as at Fairy Stone State Park. In addition to the unique geology, the Fairy Stone area combines a mix of wildlife known from the western mountains and the central piedmont. Whether searching for brown-headed nuthatches and yellow-throated warblers in the area’s pine trees or scanning the reservoir from every available vantage for unusual waterfowl, wildlife watching opportunities abound throughout this loop. As the visitor travels from site to site, the rolling foothills of the Piedmont gradually give way to the Blue Ridge, providing a vantage to look back and survey the path traveled. Even without finding any Fairy Stones, the searching will surely provide wildlife watching experiences long to be remembered.

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