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Farley Memorial Wayside


Elevation: 1692 ft.

Walker Creek runs under SR 100 through a lush riparian belt. The wayside is a memorial to Thomas Farley Sr., a Revolutionary War soldier buried on the site in 1796. The creek is accessible on both sides of the bridge and is an excellent place to look for a variety of streamside wildlife, not to mention subtle wildflowers such as dayflower. Birds in the area include mourning dove, red-bellied woodpecker, blue jay, Carolina wren, eastern bluebird, American robin, brown thrasher, white-eyed vireo, indigo bunting, song sparrow and common grackle. A careful inspection of the far bank can produce wood duck roosting quietly, joining the prevalent eastern painted turtle and bullfrog as they bask in the sun. The true variety along the stream is found in the smaller creatures. Damsel- and dragonflies, such as familiar bluets, form little clouds of blue over slow moving parts of the stream, while retiring ebony jewelwing hang back in the shadows of over-hanging vegetation. Butterflies abound along the banks, with the eastern tiger swallowtail being difficult to miss. Baltimore and orchard orioles, kingbirds, and warbling vireos can be easily seen in the large sycamore in the picnic area.


Physical Address: 131 Bane Rd, Pearisburg, VA 24134

From Pearisburg, take SR-100 south for 6.4 miles to parking for Farley Memorial Wayside on the right.

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