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Lower New River


Grab a canoe, or borrow or rent one! How you get a canoe doesn’t matter as much as where you take it — and the New River is the place. You can drop in the water right in downtown Radford and float through the city on a quiet weekend morning or drive over to Eggleston and drop in just past the Radford Army Ammunition Plant. From there, float down to the Class III rapids at Narrows. Stay afloat long enough and the water will carry you all the way to the Gulf of Mexico! The stretch just past Eggleston is reputed to be one of the most beautiful canoe trips in North America. It’s certainly worth the day or two needed to fully explore it. A float along the New River is sure to be accompanied by many of the river’s residents. Stately great blue heron stand silently in the shadows of hulking sycamore. The crowns of these colossal trees host belted kingfisher and the occasional osprey. Families of wood duck are spaced evenly along the route. The banks regularly transform from forests to fields to cliffs and back again. After floating the river, retrace your steps along its edge or head to the hills for terrific views and the palpable comfort of mixed hardwood forest, Appalachia’s distinctive signature.

Loop Map

Click to open a PDF of the Lower new river loop map



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