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Oxbow Lake Park


Elevation: 1427 ft.

Oxbow Lake Park is a city-owned park that includes a wetland and forest complex adjacent to the Clinch River. Because of its well maintained trail system, it is a popular destination for many of Saint Paul’s residents. The Oxbow Lake trail is a paved, wheelchair-accessible mile-long loop. Restroom facilities are located at the parking area. The park provides residence to a large selection of big and showy dragonflies including blue dasher, slaty and widow skimmers, and prince baskettail. Butterflies include black swallowtail, zebra swallowtail, eastern tailed-blue, and clouded sulphur. The lake holds a few feral ducks and geese but could be better for waterfowl in the winter and during migration. The surrounding fields, bushes, and hardwood forest hold orchard oriole, ruby-throated hummingbird, eastern kingbird, red-eyed vireo, and wood thrush. The lake itself can attract barn and rough-winged swallows as well as the occasional purple martin. The east end of the lake provides access to three additional trails that traverse both riverine and mountain habitats.


From Pinnacle Natural Area Preserve, return to US 19 Business via Rt. 721 and SR 82 in Lebanon. Turn right onto US 19 Business, heading south for 0.6 miles to SR 71. Turn right, heading southwest on SR 71 for 8.6 miles to its junction with US 58 ALT West. Turn right to remain onto US 58 ALT West and continue 8.8 miles to SR 63 in the Town of Saint Paul (SR 71 and US 58 ALT West remain joined for 1.5 miles, but continue on US 58 ALT West to the Town of Saint Paul). Turn left at the intersection of SR 63 and US 58 ALT West for 0.1 miles and turn right into the parking area for Oxbow Lake Park.

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  • Access: Free, Daily

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