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Freshwater Drum

Freshwater DrumScientific Name

Aplodinotus grunniens

Other Common Names

Drum, sheepshead


Freshwater drum have a humped back, stout body and large scales. The fins and body are silvery brown. The trailing edge of the caudal fin is rounded or almost triangular.

Best Fishing

Rivers: Clinch and Powell. Lakes: Buggs Island.

Fishing Techniques

Most anglers use live bait (crayfish and small minnows), but drum will hit artificial lures that imitate their preferred prey. Light or medium tackle is best. Fish on the bottom in deeper pools in rivers or on drop-offs and points in Buggs Island Lake.

Feeding Habits

A bottom feeder, drum prey on aquatic insects, crayfish, mollusks, and small fish.


A bottom dwelling fish found in deeper pools in the Clinch and Powell rivers. A limited population also exists in Kerr Reservoir.