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Hardware River WMA

Named for the river that meanders both along its boundary and through its interior, the Hardware River Wildlife Management Area is sometimes best known for the access it provides to the James River. But don’t overlook the hunting, wildlife and wildflower viewing opportunities that exist on this 1,034 acre Fluvanna County management area.

The majority of the Hardware River Wildlife Management Area is wooded, primarily with hardwood species. These include many of the oaks, plus maple, hickory and gum. Some pure pine stands are found on the highest ground. Most of these stands occupy former farmland abandoned during the early thirties. Except for the low-ground along the James River, this is an area of low ridges and gentle slopes. Elevations range from 250 feet, at the confluence of the Hardware and James Rivers, to 450 feet on the highest ridge. Most of the area is well drained by two streams, the Hardware River and Dobby Creek. The low-lying areas along the flood plain of the James are always subject to flooding and on occasion are completely under water.


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Hunters will find ample opportunity to pursue deer and turkeys throughout the area. Populations are stable and hunters will find a diversity of habitat types to hunt ranging from low-lying bottomlands to upland hardwoods. Hunting in the uplands is also excellent for squirrels during most years and hunters searching for woodcock may find exciting results along the James and Hardware. Small game hunters will find ample hunting space for quail and rabbits along the James River bottomland and timber harvest sites throughout the area. The easy access to the James River provides good opportunity to hunt waterfowl.


Fishing for smallmouth bass, channel catfish, largemouth bass, and a variety of sunfish can be excellent from the banks of both the Hardware River and the James. As it flows pass the management area, the James River offers fast water and is best known to anglers for its smallmouth bass and redbreast sunfish.

Other Activities

Wildlife viewers will find ample viewing opportunities throughout the management area. Deer and turkey can be observed along the edges of numerous openings throughout the area. Both woodland and early successional bird species are common. Water birds are observed regularly along the James and Hardware Rivers and Canada geese can be observed as they move up and down the James throughout the year.


A concrete boat ramp provides small boat and canoe access to the James River just upstream from the mouth of the Hardware. There is ample room for parking near the boat ramp, and other parking areas are located for access to the upland.


The Hardware Wildlife Management Area is located south of State Route 6, east of Scottsville. From Scottsville turn right onto 611 to access the western portion of the area. From 611, one parking area is to the left on Kidds Mill Road; another is at the end of route 611. To access the eastern portion of the area and the boat ramp, continue east on route 6 and turn right onto route 646. Consult the map for more detail.

Images by: Meghan Marchetti/DWR

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