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Lost Shoe


Fields and woods steeped in the history of America cover the valley of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. In May of 1864 Union and Confederate soldiers clashed on the edge of New Market. Hundreds of young men lost their lives in the muddy cornfields of the Bushong family and their neighbors. The battle name is derived from the fact that many soldiers fought and lost their shoes in the cornfield’s deep, sticky mud. Following in history’s footsteps will lead the visitor to the cool clear waters of the North Fork of the Shenandoah with its attendant herons and wood ducks, painted turtles and damselflies. The brush land and pastures host incandescent indigo buntings and hoards of synchronized blackbirds that cloud the horizon. Visit suburban lakes and marshes for migrant waterfowl or the occasional errant tern or gull; even step below ground for more of nature’s natural wonders and the occasional roosting pipistrelle bat. Visiting these historic hills is sure to bring unforgettable wildlife experiences for years to come. Travel to the nearby Town of Grottoes to see the spectacular Grand Caverns that once hosted subterranean ballroom dances attended by our nation’s forefathers.

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