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The Top 5 Fresh Caught Trout Recipes

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1. Smoked Trout Dip

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smoker! Just read the ingredients for what you’ll need. If you don’t have the smoking oil, this recipe still tastes great without it. It’s the perfect appetizer or party side dish. It’s light and refreshing. This dip requires more than 2–3 filets if you’re making it for a larger crowd. Just keep adding ingredients as necessary to fulfill consistency and flavor. It’s simple and less stressful than trying to prevent the fish from flaking when it gets stuck to the bottom of the pan since we want it flakey!


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2. Blackened Trout with Herbed Coconut Milk Rice

The coconut milk rice is the essential side dish that makes this recipe as delightful as it sounds. A sweet, creamy herb rice paired with slightly spicy fish. It’s very simple, as the fish only requires one two ingredients. This dish is also easily capable of being cooked at camp when you bring the fish from the fly line to the fire.


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3. Pecan Crusted Rosemary Trout

Anything crusted it seasoned with pecan’s is light and pleasant. Especially with lots of herbs, like this recipe consists of. It gives the fish a crunchy texture and refreshing taste. It requires less work than frying the fish, which is another nutritious factor. Pair with rice and roasted vegetables.


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4. Trout Mornay

A classic. We all know that go-to comfort recipe that we are certain will please the crowd. Smothered in a creamy cheese sauce and baked to flakey perfection, trout mornay is a timeless recipe that can never be defeated. It’s quick, simple, and easy.

I recommend spicing up the sauce with red pepper flakes or something zesty for a little bit of kick. Serve warm with a roasted side vegetable or garlic mashed potatoes.


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5. Fried Cajun Trout Tacos with Mango Salsa

Prepare tacos however you like, with the ingredients of your choice, and top with mango salsa.


Go Catch Your Own, Buy A Fishing License