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Coastal Forest WMA

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the Coastal Forest Wildlife Management Area (WMA) consists of 65 unique parcels of discontiguous bayside and seaside properties totaling about 8,645 acres—primarily in Accomack County with parcels also located in Northampton County. Formerly owned by Chesapeake Corporation, the newly acquired parcels were managed for lumber and forest production and currently consist of dense secondary growth pine habitat with sparse distribution of some hardwoods.

Strategically situated along the Atlantic Flyway, the Coastal Forest WMA is crucial to millions of avifauna traveling this major migratory route. In addition to the value for migratory bird species, the properties will also furnish quality habitat for upland game species, such as American woodcock, northern bobwhite, and wild turkey.


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A subset of these properties—including 11 new tracts within the Coastal Forest WMA consisting of nearly 5000 acres, 328 new acres added to Doe Creek WMA, and 400 new acres added to Saxis WMA—will be open to hunting for deer season along with the existing hunting opportunities along the Eastern Shore at Doe Creek, Saxis, and Jones Cove (formerly the GATR Tract of Mockhorn Island WMA). Archery season begins Saturday, October 7th, 2023. Muzzleloader season begins November 4th. Firearm season opens November 18th, 2023 and closes January 6th, 2024. All federal and state laws and county and DWR regulations apply.

Coastal Forest WMA Special Regulations

Deer specific regulations:

  • No hunting with dogs.
  • Single projectile ammunition only.
  • Must be elevated 10 feet when hunting with rifle .23 caliber or larger.

* All state and county regulations apply. See current Hunting & Trapping Regulations Digest.

Information Hubs at the Upper Accomack (Upper Accomack Map Link), Middle Accomack (Middle Accomack Map Link), and Lower Accomack (Lower Accomack Map Link) complexes of the Coastal Forest WMA will contain information, maps, and updates to help hunters find parking areas and access points to these new hunting opportunities. Each parking area will be marked with a DWR sign identifying the tract as part of the Coastal Forest WMA with a tract number and a map to the parcels within.


Upper Accomack Complex
Tract Name Latitude Longitude Tract Hub Location Tract Map Google Maps Link
Horntown 37.97629929 -75.50250244 51 Tract 51 Map
Horntown 37.97689819 -75.47579956 51 Tract 51 Horntown Tract Map Map
Tull 37.99480057 -75.49620056 54 Tract 51 Tull Tract Map Map
Hope 37.99919891 -75.55740356 53 Tract 51 Hope Tract Map Map
Shortwoods 37.96250153 -75.56759644 50 Tract 51 Shortwoods Tract Map Map
Thomas Farm 37.95230103 -75.55599976 48 Tract 51 Thomas Farm Tract Map Map
Thomas Farm 37.94850159 -75.55259705 48 Tract 51 Map
AF Johnson 37.95069885 -75.51290131 49 Tract 51 AF Johnson Tract Map Map
Justice 37.93259811 -75.5121994 47 Tract 51 Justice Tract Map Map
Ewing-Matthews 37.92029953 -75.58049774 43 Tract 51 Ewing-Matthews Tract Map Map
Thomas Nock #2 37.9253006 -75.56790161 44 Tract 51 Thomas Nock #2 Tract Map Map
Mid Accomack Complex
Tract Name Latitude Longitude Tract Hub Location Tract Map Google Maps Link
Muddy Creek 37.84629822 -75.62380219 32 Tract 32 Map
Muddy Creek 37.84659958 -75.62400055 32 Tract 32 Muddy Creek Tract Map Map
Hall 37.8993988 -75.58070374 41 Tract 32 Hall Tract Map Map
Byrd 37.86980057 -75.60919952 38 Tract 32 Byrd Tract Map Map
Taylor 37.79940033 -75.68170166 23 Tract 32 Taylor Tract Map Map
Ewing-Parks 37.7881012 -75.67610168 22 Tract 32 Ewing-Parks Tract Map Map
Lower Accomack Complex
Tract Name Latitude Longitude Tract Hub Location Tract Map Google Maps Link
Ames 37.60369873 -75.7335968 9 Tract 9 Map
Ames 37.59469986 -75.72570038 9 Tract 9 Ames Tract Map Map
Hopkins-Hancock 37.68650055 -75.78510284 14 Tract 9 Hopkins-Hancock Tract Map Map
Ewing-Hopkins 37.68249893 -75.79370117 13 Tract 9 Ewing-Hopkins Tract Map Map
Ewing-Cashville 37.68299866 -75.81089783 12 Tract 9 Ewing-Cashville Tract Map Map
Hayman 37.68659973 -75.83470154 11 Tract 9 Hayman Tract Map Map
Lassiter 37.62030029 -75.77429962 7 Tract 9 Lassiter Tract Map Map
Savage 37.58710098 -75.75479889 8 Tract 9 Savage Tract Map Map
Lizzie West 37.60179901 -75.78970337 6 Tract 9 Lizzie West Tract Map Map

Images by: Meghan Marchetti/DWR

Additional Documents

Recreational Opportunities

  • Hunting
  • Horseback Riding Prohibited