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A Guide to the Salamanders of Virginia

Salamanders have been the subject of myths and legends for centuries. In fact, the origin of the word salamander comes from the Middle English word “salamandre” — loosely meaning “lives in fire”, which was based on the belief that salamanders could walk through fire unharmed. Fortunately, salamanders are everything but the fire-loving beasts our ancestors believed them to be. Their secretive and often underground lifestyle makes them difficult to appreciate for many people. However, they are some of the most beautiful and interesting animals you will ever encounter.

Virginia’s Salamander Species

Forest Terrestrial Salamanders

Seasonal Wetland Salamanders

Stream and Seep Salamanders

Aquatic Salamanders

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Learn More About Salamanders in Virginia

Red Salamander Wildlife Conservationist License Plate

The Red Salamander plate is the ninth in a series of Wildlife Conservation License Plates produced by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in cooperation with the Department of Wildlife Resources. After the first 1,000 Red Salamander plates are sold, DWR will receive $15 of the $25 additional annual fee. The Department uses these dollars for wildlife resource management, research and educational outreach programs in Virginia.

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