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Wildlife Species Information: Amphibians

PhotoCommon NameScientific NameCommon Family Name
An image of Allegheny Mountain Dusky SalamanderAllegheny Mountain Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus ochrophaeus
An image of American BullfrogAmerican BullfrogLithobates catesbeianus
An image of Atlantic Coast Slimy SalamanderAtlantic Coast Slimy SalamanderPlethodon chlorobryonis
An image of Barking TreefrogBarking TreefrogHyla gratiosa
An image of Big Levels SalamanderBig Levels SalamanderPlethodon sherando
An image of Black Mountain SalamanderBlack Mountain SalamanderDesmognathus welteri
An image of Black-Bellied SalamanderBlack-Bellied SalamanderDesmognathus quadramaculatus
An image of Blue Ridge Dusky SalamanderBlue Ridge Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus orestes
An image of Blue Ridge red salamanderBlue Ridge red salamanderPseudotriton ruber nitidus (Plethodontidae)
An image of Blue Ridge Two-Lined SalamanderBlue Ridge Two-Lined SalamanderEurycea wilderae
An image of Brimley’s Chorus FrogBrimley’s Chorus FrogPseudacris brimleyi
An image of Carpenter FrogCarpenter FrogLithobates virgatipes
An image of Cave SalamanderCave SalamanderEurycea lucifuga
An image of Coastal Plains Leopard FrogCoastal Plains Leopard FrogLithobates sphenocephalus utriculariu
An image of Common MudpuppyCommon MudpuppyNecturus maculosus maculosus
An image of Cope’s Gray TreefrogCope’s Gray TreefrogHyla chrysoscelis
An image of Cow Knob SalamanderCow Knob SalamanderPlethodon punctatus
An image of Cumberland Plateau SalamanderCumberland Plateau SalamanderPlethodon kentucki
An image of Dixie Caverns SalamanderDixie Caverns Salamander
An image of Dwarf WaterdogDwarf WaterdogNecturus punctatus
An image of Eastern American ToadEastern American ToadAnaxyrus americanus americanus
An image of Eastern Cricket FrogEastern Cricket FrogAcris crepitans
An image of Eastern HellbenderEastern HellbenderCryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis (Cryptobranchidae)
An image of Eastern Lesser SirenEastern Lesser SirenSiren intermedia intermedia (Sirenidae)
An image of Eastern Long-Tailed SalamanderEastern Long-Tailed SalamanderEurycea longicauda longicauda
An image of Eastern Narrow-Mouthed ToadEastern Narrow-Mouthed ToadGastrophryne carolinensis
An image of Eastern Red-Backed SalamanderEastern Red-Backed SalamanderPlethodon cinereus
An image of Eastern SpadefootEastern SpadefootScaphiopus holbrookii
An image of Eastern Tiger SalamanderEastern Tiger SalamanderAmbystoma tigrinum
An image of Flat-Headed SalamanderFlat-Headed SalamanderDesmognathus planiceps
An image of Four-Toed SalamanderFour-Toed SalamanderHemidactylium scutatum
An image of Fowler’s ToadFowler’s ToadAnaxyrus fowleri
An image of Gray TreefrogGray TreefrogHyla versicolor
An image of Greater SirenGreater SirenSiren lacertina
An image of Green FrogGreen FrogLithobates clamitans
An image of Green SalamanderGreen SalamanderAneides aeneus
An image of Green TreefrogGreen TreefrogHyla cinerea
An image of Holbrook’s Southern Dusky SalamanderHolbrook’s Southern Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus auriculatus
An image of Jefferson’s SalamanderJefferson’s SalamanderAmbystoma jeffersonianum
An image of Kentucky spring salamanderKentucky spring salamanderGyrinophilus porphyriticus duryi (Plethodontidae)
An image of Little Grass FrogLittle Grass FrogPseudacris ocularis
An image of Mabee’s SalamanderMabee’s SalamanderAmybstoma mabeei
An image of Many-Lined SalamanderMany-Lined SalamanderStereochilus marginatus
An image of Marbled SalamanderMarbled SalamanderAmbystoma opacum
An image of Mid-Atlantic Coast Leopard FrogMid-Atlantic Coast Leopard FrogLithobates kauffeldi
An image of midland mud salamandermidland mud salamanderPseudotriton montanus diastictus (Plethodontidae)
An image of Mole SalamanderMole SalamanderAmbystoma talpoideum
An image of Mountain Chorus FrogMountain Chorus FrogPseudacris brachyphona
An image of Mud SalamanderMud SalamanderPseudotriton montanus
An image of New Jersey Chorus FrogNew Jersey Chorus FrogPseudacris kalmi
An image of Northern Cricket FrogNorthern Cricket FrogAcris crepitans (Hylidae)
An image of Northern Dusky SalamanderNorthern Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus fuscus
An image of Northern Gray-Cheeked SalamanderNorthern Gray-Cheeked SalamanderPlethodon montanus
An image of Northern Pygmy SalamanderNorthern Pygmy SalamanderDesmognathus organi
An image of Northern Slimy SalamanderNorthern Slimy SalamanderPlethodon glutinosus
northern spring salamanderGyrinophilus porphyriticus porphyriticus (Plethodontidae)
An image of Northern Two-Lined SalamanderNorthern Two-Lined SalamanderEurycea bislineata
An image of Oak ToadOak ToadAnaxyrus quercicus (Bufonidae)
An image of Peaks of Otter SalamanderPeaks of Otter SalamanderPlethodon hubrichti
An image of Pickerel FrogPickerel FrogLithobates palustris
An image of Pine Woods TreefrogPine Woods TreefrogHyla femoralis
An image of Red SalamanderRed SalamanderPseudotriton ruber
An image of Red-Spotted NewtRed-Spotted NewtNotophthalmus viridescens
An image of Seal SalamanderSeal SalamanderDesmognathus monticola
An image of Shenandoah Mountain SalamanderShenandoah Mountain SalamanderPlethodon virginia
An image of Shenandoah SalamanderShenandoah SalamanderPlethodon shenandoah
An image of Shovel-Nosed SalamanderShovel-Nosed SalamanderDesmognathus marmoratus
An image of Southern Chorus FrogSouthern Chorus FrogPseudacris nigrita
An image of Southern Cricket FrogSouthern Cricket FrogAcris gryllus
An image of Southern Ravine SalamanderSouthern Ravine SalamanderPlethodon richmondi
An image of Southern ToadSouthern ToadAnaxyrus terrestris
An image of Southern Two-Lined SalamanderSouthern Two-Lined SalamanderEurycea cirrigera
An image of Southern Zigzag SalamanderSouthern Zigzag SalamanderPlethodon ventralis
An image of Spotted SalamanderSpotted SalamanderAmbystoma maculatumMole salamander (Ambystomatidae)
An image of Spring PeeperSpring PeeperPseudacris crucifer
An image of Spring SalamanderSpring SalamanderGyrinophilus porphyriticus danielsi
An image of Squirrel TreefrogSquirrel TreefrogHyla squirella
An image of Three-Lined SalamanderThree-Lined SalamanderEurycea guttolineata (Plethodontidae)
An image of Two-Toed AmphiumaTwo-Toed AmphiumaAmphiuma means
An image of Upland Chorus FrogUpland Chorus FrogPseudacris feriarum
An image of Valley And Ridge SalamanderValley And Ridge SalamanderPlethodon hoffmani
An image of Wehrle’s SalamanderWehrle’s SalamanderPlethodon wehrlei
An image of Weller’s SalamanderWeller’s SalamanderPlethodon welleri
An image of White-Spotted Slimy SalamanderWhite-Spotted Slimy SalamanderPlethodon cylindraceus
An image of Wood FrogWood FrogLithobates sylvaticus
An image of Yonahlossee SalamanderYonahlossee SalamanderPlethodon yonahlossee